Joy Ellinger


Employer: Johnson and Johnson & Johnson

Position: Executive Sales Representative

After graduating from ACU in 1984, Steve and I married and began our journey together.  Along the way, we had two sons.  Logan is 32, married and living in Midland and Lex is 28 and lives in Sugar Land.  To top it off, we have two fabulous grandchildren Kinley, seven, and Landry who is three years of age.  I love Abilene!  The people are friendly, generous and gracious which makes it easy to be involved in our community.   In the fall of 2019, I started back to school at Texas Tech University Health Science Center pursuing my Master’s of Public Health.  Coupled with my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and state license, my desire is to continue to serve Abilene where ever God places me.  When Steve and I are not working, we like to travel and spend time at our family ranch with our kids, grandkids and all of Steve’s cousins.


After the killing of five police officers in Dallas, Steve and I asked ourselves what we could do to show members of the Abilene Police Department that citizens care, support and stand behind them.  From this self-posed question came the idea of creating the Abilene Police Foundation which as of today has awarded over $200,000.00 in grants to officers, employees and the department.   I server as founder and president of our non-profit organization.

APF serves those who serve us and it is an honor to give back to those who put their lives on the line each day.